General Health Council Message

A distinguished health system within an integrated health system with a noble humanitarian goal and strengthening the field of health care in Libya.

Education & vocational training

Educational and training institutions, based on the quality and accreditation standards of the General Health Council to produce high-quality health cadres to work in the public and private sectors

Board Publications

  • An issuance that bans the import or circulation of what may be dangerous to public health
  • Issuing identification of food items that must be accompanied by a health certificate
  • An issuance banning the circulation of food if it is not suitable for consumption
  • Issuance of the health law

Laws and Decisions

  • Presidential Council Decision No. (215) of 2020 announcing a curfew.
  • Presidential Council Decision No. (245) for the year 2020, with a report on exemption from the application of the provisions of the Administrative Contracts Regulations.
  • Law No. (8) of 1970 regarding the use of ionizing radiation and the prevention of its dangers.

General Healthcare Council

It is a financially and administratively independent public authority that reports to the prime minister, and its main responsibility is to protect the health and safety of the public

Contact us

  • Salah El-Din near the traffic light, Tripoli - Libya
  • 091-552 47 47

    091-552 48 48

    091-552 49 49

  • info@ghc.gov.ly

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